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BHR network embodies a great number of web sites on which the partner hotels are shown.
Your hotel facility will be visible:
- to thousands of daily visitors that search the BHR network;
- to all BHR partner travel agencies (a whole web site is dedicated to them);
- to the search results made by all e-commerce company users like Google, Yahoo, Kelkoo, Virgilio, Tiscali, altavista, Arianna, Libero, Overture;
- To all BHR partners.

BHR network also allows its partner hotels to connect to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Your Hotel facility will be accessed:
- through Worldspan, Galileo, Amadeus (GDS), which are connected to more then 650.000 IATA agencies.
- by all the main travel web sites that daily make their bookings using Pegasus Solutions (travelweb, travelocity, Orbitz,, Hotwire, Expedia ecc.)and all the web sites linked to them.


BHR offers a unique on line booking system that manages/announces prices and availibility on all distribution channels linked to its network.

Your hotel will be able to:
- be booked there and then from all over the world, through the on line availibility that can be accessed by:
- BHR network portals;
- BHR partner travel Agencies (giving the Agencies a further commission - "over commission");
- the BHR call centre (Italy, Spain, USA);
- partner web sites;
- patnerships;
- directly access the system through a username and password;
- create special offers (last minute, packages, minimum stay...);
- To check all booking stages( requests, bookings, changes, confirmations) or the turnover, through reports, and system statistics;


BHR has three multilingual Help Desks (Italy, Spain, Usa) that can give all the information required on latest news, doubts, or problems concerning bookings and data management.
You can send info requests through e-mail, fax and phone, which you can find on all its web sites.

Web Pages

BHR creates multilingual web pages (in English, Spanish, Italian) for the promotion on the world wide market. The Hotel's quality is grafically enhanced through photos, maps and information provided by the Hotel itself.

How to work with BHR?

BHR offers two possibilities for those hotels that wish to register with us:

Associate Plan:

Add your hotel


The many services offered by BHR also considers its members' connection to the GDS (Global Distribution Systems).

The GDS are booking services created by Air Line Companies and used by travel agencies all over the world. Each travel agency, wherever it is, needs to be connected to at least one of these Booking Systems instantly.

GDS are:

Sabre Galileo Worldspan Amadeus

Today there are more than 600.000 computers worlwide connected to these systems. Not being in these circuits means giving up an interesting turnover and a worldwide visibility. To be in the GDS means you can get bookings from all over the world at any time ... the tourism market has no more limits.

Some of the major Web sites in todays Tourism market are connected to the GDS.

ADS - Alternative Distributions Systems), which are visited daily by millions of visitors. Hundreds of minor web sites are connected to these web giants. Every day these minor web sites are born to offer a quality service which is recognized by its clientsl. To be seen on these Web sites means an increase in the Hotel's visibility with consequent increase in the total number of bookings.

To be present in the ADS also means to be present in the most important Web sites such as:

Through the connection to GDS and ADS, BHR offers its partners:

Partner Plan:

 This plan gives everything already offered   in the Associate plan plus: Add your hotel