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- Tourist Infos - Itinerary Rome Hotels, apartments, bed & breakfast and residences

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Tourist Infos

:: Tourist Infos ::

What to see
    Rome in 48 hours
      Everybody arrives in Rome with a wealth of knowledge, images and stories accumulated in the course of a lifetime. Anybody...
    Rome in 96 hours
First day
      MORNING: Ancient Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza del Campidoglio, Pantheon. AFTERNOON: Walk through the historical centre: Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna. Suggestion: The late afternoon could...
    Discovering Rome
Villas and Gardens ( entire day )
      Since its most ancient times, Rome has been characterised by the presence of vast green areas. Following the penetration of...
    Discovering Rome
The Arches of ancient Rome ( several days )
      An architectural element that was born in Rome, the honorary or triumphal arch was the greatest homage the city could...
    Discovering Rome
Water in Rome (4 hours)
      Undoubtedly there is no city in the world that has more waters and fountains than Rome. It has been thus...
    Discovering Rome
Medieval Rome (4 hours )
      It is not easy to find artistic remainders of the Middle Ages in Rome, also because they are often incorporated...
    Discovering Rome
Along the Tiber (full day)
      This itinerary unwinds along the Tiber, always a characteristic element of the Roman landscape. Up until the construction of the...
    Discovering Rome
Egyptian Obelisks in Rome ( 3 hours)
      Rome has been nicknamed the city of obelisks, since it is the city with by far the largest number. At...
    Discovering Rome
The historic Squares of Rome (3 hours)
      This itinerary can start from nowhere else but the Piazza del Campidoglio situated on the Capitoline Hill, which has always...
    Discovering Rome
Renaissance Rome ( entire day )
      During the Middle Ages, the city of Rome was abandoned due to the transfer of the papal court to Avignon,...
    Discovering Rome
Baroque Rome ( 5/6 hours )
      If there is a period in art that can be said to have left its nature indelibly impressed on the... | copyright 2001-2017 | Legal Desclaimer

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